Authenticating and Rewarding Real World Interactions

PairedWorld is the first and only protocol purposely built to authenticate and reward human interactions in the real world. Powered by $PAIRED.

PairedWorld Protocol

PairedWorld paves the way for online communities to manifest in the physical world, opening new chapters in community interaction, SocialFi, DeSoc, and new data sets (RWIs).

How Does it work?

PairedWorld revolutionises Real World Interactions (RWIs) by introducing a novel incentive layer that transforms everyday encounters into gamified and rewarding experiences.



PairedWorld's protocol supports a diverse range of applications designed
to enhance human connectivity and social well-being in the physical world.


With a strong emphasis on confidentiality, the protocol ensures that all real-world social interactions remain secure and private, safeguarding user information at every step.


The PairedWorld protocol not only verifies real-life interactions but also rewards them, ensuring every connection is meaningful and fully authenticated on the blockchain.

Token Design

A unique and innovative multi-chain token design powering the PairedWorld ecosystem
Identity & Reputation Token


This token serves as a unique digital identity for each participant within the ecosystem. Essentially, it acts as a reputation signalling badge, highlighting an individual's connection to and reputation within the community. SOULs also generate SPARKs periodically.
Dynamic Semantic Soulbound Token
1 Token Per User
Non-Transferrable, Non-Tradable
Gamified Levelling System
Participation & Monetisation Token


SPARKs, are used for creating and participating in real-life events, fostering experiences. This intermediate step solves the reputation token paradox, allowing individuals to monetise on their reputation, without the need to loose it.
Semi-Fungible Token
ERC-1155 Standard
Issued Monthly Based on SOULs’ Level
Tradable on Marketplaces
Reputation Monetisation Tool by Burning
Reward, Utility & Governance Token


$PAIRED is the primary reward and utility token of the ecosystem, serving as the mechanism for rewarding contributions and facilitating various transactions within the community. It also has specific governance properties.
Fungible Token
ERC-20 Standard
1bn Pre-Mint (Net Deflationary Target)
Tradable on Exchanges & Liquidity Pools
Growth-Promoting Algorithms
Soft-Staking Mechanism
Ecosystem Access & Governance

Introducing w3meet

PairedWorld Protocol’s first application
w3meet is an innovative mobile dApp that provides an extensive range of features allowing users to attend, organise and fund various gatherings. Whether it's intimate private events or large-scale public happenings spanning music, sports, wellness, and networking, w3meet facilitates it all.
Plus, users get rewarded with $PAIRED tokens for their participation in these vibrant events.
Welcome to PairedWorld, it’s good for your SOUL.
IRL connections just got more valuable.Meet, connect and earn $PAIRED.
IRL connections just got more valuable. Meet, connect and earn $PAIRED.
The Team

PairedWorld is a collaborative initiative among leading experts in the fields of Blockchain, Psychology, Neuroscience, and Behavioural Economics, as well as established communities, aiming to demonstrate the transformative power of blockchain in fostering social impact and enriching the lives of individuals and global communities alike.

PairedWorld Foundation Board
Raluca Cherciu
Co-Founder & President of the Board
Aleks Kay
Co-Founder & Board Member
Prof. Dr. Gerhard Schwabe
Professor of Information Management, Co-Founder of the University of Zürich Blockchain Center
Ralf Glabischnig
Managing Partner Inacta Ventures, Co-Founder Crypto Oasis
Prof. Dr. Claudio J. Tessone
Professor of Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technologies | UZH Blockchain Center, Chairman
Paul Taylor
Venture Partner (Web3) at BlackRock, Advisor & Investor
Prof. Dr. Paul J. Zak
Professor of Economic Sciences, Psychology & Management Director at Claremont Graduate University
Prof. Dr. Julianne Holt-Lunstad
Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience at Brigham Young University, Director of Social Neuroscience Lab
Dr. Andreas Glarner
Legal Partner at MME, Attorney at Law, LL.M, Advisor to companies in FinTech, Web3, DLT, DeFi, NFT & Gaming
Wes Levitt, CFA
Co-Chief Investment Officer of Alpha Sigma Capital and Head of Strategy at Theta Labs
Gustavo Mana, PhD
Managing Partner, Brandville Ventures
Shira Lazar
Emmy-Nominated, Leading Voice Around Digital Culture and Emerging Trends
Rembrandt Flores
Founder of 8Commas,
Partner at Flowing Ventures
Daan Crypto
Crypto Trader & Investor
Investors & Partners
Official Ecosystem Communities