Frequently asked questions
What is the primary aim of PairedWorld?
PairedWorld is developing and stewarding World's First Proof of IRL Human Connection Protocol - the PairedWorld Protocol - a comprehensive framework that not only enables verified, incentivised, and privacy-preserving real-life interactions but also serves as a versatile infrastructure for building a wide range of applications aimed at enhancing human connectivity in real life and social well-being through blockchain technology. Proprietary technology includes a multi-chain zk-proof Validium for authenticating IRL connections.
What is the w3meet dApp?
The first application built on the PairedWorld Protocol, w3meet facilitates and rewards people for fostering genuine face to face interactions (meet-to-earn), and a playground for community cross-pollination. w3meet is a response to the pressing global crisis of digital addiction and loneliness that not only affect individual well-being but also threaten the foundational fabric of our society and it’s especially affecting younger generations.
Can I join PairedWorld immediately?
PairedWorld is currently in closed beta.

If you are a holder of a NFT from one of the initial communities that have joined the ecosystem and an iPhone user, then you can download the w3meet mobile dApp and onboard now.

If you didn’t hold any NFT from the founding communities at the time of the snapshot in October 2023, you can request to join the waitlist directly via the w3meet dApp.

If you are a community leader and you are interested in onboard your community into the PairedWorld ecosystem to unlock boundless utility for your members, please register your interest here and we will reach out to you as soon as possible.
How do you form connections within the Paired World ecosystem?
The w3meet mobile dApp enables you to connect with others through various events, both scheduled in-app and initiated by the community. Participating in these events allows you to form and nurture connections while earning rewards for your involvement.
What is a Meet-up in the context of PairedWorld, and what role does it play?
A meet-up (also referred to as an event interchangeably) is simply a social occasion where two or more individuals convene to form and build a social connection. It can range from an intimate private gathering to a public occasion: an impromptu hangout, a structured event, a concert, a sports event, or any other form of any other type of get-together. This is also an opportunity to build your social standing and earn $PAIRED tokens, thereby adding a reputation and rewarding dimension to your social interactions.
How does one qualify for rewards within the PairedWorld ecosystem?
By attending a meet-up, forming new social connections, nurturing existing ones, and actively contributing to the PairedWorld ecosystem through your participation in attending and organising meet-ups.
Where can I download the w3meet mobile dApp?
For iOS, you can download from here →, It is currently only available on iOS with the Android version coming soon.
How does PairedWorld accommodate users from different blockchains?
Even if an onboarded community originates from a blockchain other than Ethereum or one of its Layer 2 solutions, you are covered! We facilitate a secure interface for users to provide us with an Ethereum address, allowing seamless access to the PairedWorld ecosystem, even if your entry is premised on your reputation on a different blockchain, like Solana.

While our token ecosystem resides on Ethereum Layer 2 (Polygon), it does not pose a restriction for welcoming all individuals seeking to prioritise creating meaningful relationships in their lives. This inclusivity extends to users across all blockchains and even those without previously engaged with blockchain platforms.
How are the $PAIRED tokens earned and how can they be used?
$PAIRED is the primary reward token of our ecosystem, serving as the mechanism for rewarding contributions and facilitating various transactions within the community. It also has specific governance properties.
What is the role of SOUL tokens within the PairedWorld ecosystem, and how do they differ from $PAIRED tokens?
A SOUL token serves as a unique digital identity for each participant within the ecosystem. Essentially, it acts as a reputation signalling badge, highlighting an individual's connection to and reputation within the community They also take the function of Ticket Tokens dispensers.
What is the purpose of PairedWorld Ticket Tokens?
These tokens, issued periodically to SOUL holders, are employed as catalysts for interactions within the ecosystem, specifically for creating and participating in real-life Meet-ups, fostering a sense of community and shared experience. This intermediate step allows individuals to monetise on their reputation, without losing it.
I have an existing community that I want to onboard into the PairedWorld ecosystem, where do I start?
Please register your interest to join PairedWorld by filling in the form at the bottom of this page.
Why should I or my community join PairedWorld?
Join us in pioneering an innovative multi-chain initiative, multi-community token with unique attributes, which will be minted live by users and supported by a compelling social mission. As community members, your community will be awarded exclusive token rewards, further enhancing the communal spirit. Our aim is to encourage genuine, real-world interactions, fuelling connections at events and meet-ups through monetary rewards. Be a part of this distinguished alliance, a driving force in technological advancement and societal evolution, which boasts the support of top-tier specialists and researchers.
How Can I Upgrade My SOUL?
You can upgrade your SOUL Token by participating in live events, connecting with new people, and contributing to the ecosystem. The more people you meet, and the more engaged you become, the more the level of your token increases. 

However, if you are inactive for a prolonged period of time, your SOUL’s Level diminishes. This dynamic process promotes active community involvement and drives meaningful engagement within the ecosystem.

For more information on SOUL levelling, see our whitepaper →.
How Can I Earn $PAIRED Tokens?
If you want to earn $PAIRED tokens, one of the best ways is to attend Meet-ups. All you have to do to get rewards is to connect with at least one new person at these events.

However, the amount of $PAIRED tokens you earn depends on a few factors:

The number of people at the meet-up. You usually get more rewards if there are at least 15 people.

RSVPing to an event in advance. If you have a verified Twitter account and create an event well in advance, both you and those who RSVP early get a bonus.

The quantity of $PAIRED tokens you've held for the last month. If you've kept your tokens for at least a month, you get a bonus multiplier. The more tokens you keep, the larger your bonus.

The level of your SOUL token. The higher your SOUL level, the more $PAIRED tokens you can earn at each meet-up you attend because your bonus limit is higher.
What personal data is collected when I download the PairedWorld app?

The only pieces of data we require are:

  • An Ethereum wallet address, to apportion your earned $PAIRED tokens.
  • Your location, to verify your participation in events.
  • Engagement with the app, such as pages you visit and events you participate in.
  • App-specific (non-trackable) device identifier.

Any other information is optional and provided entirely at your discretion. For full information on how your data is used by PairedWorld, please see our Privacy Notice →.

Do you share my data? / What happens with collected data?
Your data is used to permit functionality of the w3meet app. If you provide optional data, such as your favourite cities or music styles, this may be used to further improve your experience by tailoring event discovery to your tastes.

We never sell or trade your data. We may allow vetted academic partners to use anonymised and unidentifiable versions of select portions of our databases to conduct research, for the purposes of improving our understanding of how our users can best benefit from human connection..
Is my data secure?
Some data, such as transactions you make on the Ethereum blockchain from your address, are in public record, however identifiable data (e.g your name or physical location) are never attached to this. All other information is securely managed by the PairedWorld foundation, according to Swiss data handling regulations and with a full decentralisation roadmap in place. For our full data policy, please see our Privacy Notice →.